hi, im eva

im a developer and (un)professional pentester mostly interested in infosec, and a silly block game.

i generally do software pentesting unprofessionally mostly about web, but sometimes other stuff. i also do devops (so you can call me a devsecops engineer?).


most of my projects are on github and most stuff is privated.

some interesting projects that are public of note are:

  • serverscanning: server scanning inc is a community of nerds that got together with the liveoverflow minecraft server, from there people developed tools to scan for minecraft servers, nowadays its generally a place where nerds hang out.
  • paper-mixin: paper-mixin is a project to port papers crash fix patches to fabric/mixin applicable formats.
  • runescarpet: runescarpet is a modloader for old school runescape, based off minecraft modding tools like fabric.
  • moonlight: moonlight is a discord modification that focuses on providing a good user and developer experience and is heavily experimental, i mainly contributed to moonlight with parts of the installer.


kibty.townadryd.comNetNite Navigatormatdoesdevc7.pmmrbruh.comastrid.sharoze.mesapphic.moe